Club Launch

The Club Launch was enjoyed by about forty people with a Sundowner at the Shore Café on the Waterfront Park in Alkimos. It was a celebration of the club’s achievements to date and to cement the establishment of the club by voting in the inaugural committee and unveiling the club logo in spectacular style. The social occasion had a fantastic setting with the sun setting over the Alkimos shipwreck while the patrons tasted the fruits of the cafe’s offerings.

Incoming President, Simon Danby, welcomed the group who were made of lacrosse association dignitaries, those who had contributed to the clubs growth and those wishing to become members. Mr Danby outlined the vision for the club and the strategies that had been formed to become an affiliated club within Lacrosse Western Australia.  Kuljac (Past Player Club) Secretary, Ian Toy, extended their support and made a contribution on Kuljac’s behalf to the Pirates funds.

Undoubtedly, the logo presentation was the highlight of the night, with what has been dubbed the best logo in Australian Lacrosse. Creator and Graphic Designer, David Jobson from Tank, provided an outstanding demonstration of the club’s brand which started with an electronic version of the new logo swirling out of the ocean’s depths into a strong and vibrant image to which the club can only be proud to have as our emblem.


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