LWA Welcomes the Pirates

The last Perth based lacrosse club to become affiliated with the Western Australian Lacrosse Association (WALA – now called LWA) was formed in 1978. (over 40 years ago). Within this same period, the association has lost 6 clubs and a few attempts from existing clubs to start satellite franchises have not been successful or sustained.

Over the last half of the 2017 season, the founding members of the Alkimos Pirates Lacrosse Club have been piecing together the puzzle of how to become an established club. As this path has not been paved in the existence of the newly named Lacrosse Western Australia Association (LWA), the governance systems currently in place do not provide clear direction of how to go about the process. This is by no means the fault of the LWA board as they have inherited a system that was focused on retaining existing clubs. The web of requirements has been a learning curve for both the new club and the association however someone needs to blaze the trail and the collective is better for the experience.

On the 19th of February 2018, the Alkimos Pirates Lacrosse Club was awarded the status of an affiliated club with LWA. This is a very proud moment for APLC and LWA. We have broken the cycle and the wider hope is this will open the door for other new clubs to be created.

Another substantial achievement in the club establishment process is the Department of Commerce (WA) granted APLC a Certificate of Incorporation on the 26th of February 2018. This along with reaching affiliated status with LWA provided an number of tangible benefits to the club, its office holders and members. Most importantly insurance and personal liability protection in unlikely incident situations but also a documents system of governance for the club manage its operation, people and finances.


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