CAP’NS LOG 26 May 2018

CAP’NS LOG 26 May 2018

Alkimos Pirates 4 East Fremantle 6

The Pirates of Alkimos assembled under stormy skies to battle against the Blues of East Freo, who despite the offer to stay at home with some warm cocoa, made their first trip up the coast to Heath Park.

After having the last 2 weeks off, the Pirates started slowly, but gradually blew off the cobwebs and started controlling possession in our offensive half. A deflected Luke Thomas shot opened the scoring, followed by some brilliance from Kim Gillespie with his trademark “reverse shovel” putting the Pirates up 2-1 at the first break. Michael Ballarine started his first game in attack for the Pirates, and was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet, and his brothers will have a fight to return to the starting lineup in coming weeks.

The Blues experienced attack line was finding it tough to get good inside looks thanks to some strong defensive pressure led by Hamish McKay, Joel Fleet and Pete Brewer. The D line also welcomed back Adam Maka from his travels, who played his best game so far as a Pirate. A nice sweep move by ‘Goose’ Bartuccio ended by a good finish saw the half finish 3-1.

The second half saw the Blues experience start to shine through, with John ‘Rubber’ Redman tying the defense in knots, scoring a pair to put the scores even going into the last, 4-4. The Blues turned the pressure dial to 11 in the last, with the Pirates D valiantly repelling many of the attacking moves. However the weight of possession took its toll, with East Fremantle prevailing as victors, 6-4.

As with all of the Pirates games so far this season, it was extremely impressive to see all of our new players continue to develop and understand the flow of the game….and all with a smile on their faces. Great job today Mal, Liam, Will, Kieron, Brandon and welcome back to Andrew after about 17yrs away from the sport.

Thanks to the East Freo team for a hard fought but great spirited game, and for hanging around for a chat afterwards. We will ensure there is rum in store next time!

Best Players
Michael Ballarine
Adam Maka
Austinn Bartuccio
Kim Gillespie
Mark Griffiths

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