Girls Lacrosse is a fast, limited contact sport with players allowed to check the head of the stick to dislodge the ball.

The girls competition is categorised through age group:
Age grading cut off date is the age of the player before 1 July of the Competition year.           Games are played on Sundays with varying times for the age groups. There is no set time slot for an age group in the girls and women’s competitions. All fixture games for a round are played at one host club’s venue each week.

13’s (and under) Sundays
17s (and under)  Sundays

Each category or division has age appropriate rules derived from the men’s Lacrosse Western Australian rules. These modification can be found on the LWA website:

A player may play more than one grade higher than that players normal age restricted competition (ie a player who is eligible to play in the 13s competition may also play in the 17s completion)

2018 Girls News
This year’s completion commences on 28th April and runs until mid September. As this is the club’s first year, we are actively recruiting juniors for all grades with the club endeavoring to field as many junior teams as possible. To nominate a team in 2018, the club will need a minimum of 7 players in the specific grade. The games commence with 10 players on the field and anywhere from 1 to 6 substitutes. 14 is an average number of players for a team. However the rules and ethics of the competition allow for juniors to field lower numbers wit the opposing team either loaning players or playing the game with 7.