Well I am officially excited, all of the end-of year functions with my former club have ended and now the voyage of the Alkimos “Pirates” Lacrosse Club truly begins, but where did it all start and why me?

I have played lacrosse for most of my life for the Wanneroo Joondalup Lacrosse Club. I have won flags and played for Lacrosse WA and now with my playing career beginning to wind down, I was approached this year by Simon Danby (Simba as most of the lacrosse community knows him in WA) who bounced an idea off me…

Why don’t we start a brand new lacrosse club in the developing northern suburbs of Perth?

To tell the truth the thought had crossed my mind in the past as I live a lot closer to Alkimos than to Greenwood, where Wanneroo-Joondalup is based, but I definitely didn’t have the wherewithal and connections to get it done. Any way we had a discussion about it and left it as it was (an idea).

But then over the next couple of weeks the seed that was planted grew some roots:

….I would be able to train more if it was closer to me
….I would be able to take my kids to the club more readily
….I would be a part of something seriously special and fresh for the WA lacrosse community
….the ability to help breathe life back into my Lacrosse career (In a different form than as a player)
….the ability to promote the hell out of lacrosse, as it deserves more recognition.

From there things started to take shape and take shape quickly. Before I knew it, the club had a name, we had a ground, we had colours (who doesn’t love orange) and with the support of the lacrosse community we had built a solid base which made a 2018 launch a possibility.

In the space of 4-5 months, the Pirates had gone from pipe dream to a reality, when, today, we hold our Club Launch and Inaugural AGM (Alkimos “Pirates” Lacrosse Club Launch).

Lacrosse is pretty special to me as I know it is to a lot of people reading this blog. I challenge everyone involved in this great sport to take the club blinkers off and lets grow the game by supporting one another. We have had overwhelming support from other clubs, even those who are struggling in their own right. We don’t need to lose any more clubs – we need to add to what we have and bolster the ones in need.

I would love to get the lacrosse community talking and promoting the sport through whatever means they have. Lets get people interested, asking questions, let’s be upbeat and excited about it. We don’t need to defend it, we need to promote it. Let lacrosse sell itself by getting people to our grounds and to our clubs, so they can see the fastest sport on two feet for themselves.

I am proud to enter this fight with Simon and our Pirate Crew. We have some rough seas ahead that’s for sure but if we navigate them as well as I know we can, we will have a strong club, with a positive culture and we will be looking to support the lacrosse community in any way we can.

Until next month!

You can follow the Pirates at their Facebook page – Alkimos “Pirates” Lacrosse Club, and if you want to get involved or can help in anyway (including the donation of gear) please message the Alkimos page or get in touch with the ALN and we can put you in touch with the right people.

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