Rising from the Depths – The bones

The Bones

The Alkimos “Pirates” Lacrosse Club started with an idea. That’s all it took, one idea and a whole lot of love for the sport, for it to blow up and become as big as it has, in such a short time. As Simon Danby and I decided during the 2017 season to start a new lacrosse club in the (very) northern suburbs, we had some decisions to make. Who will we be? Where will we be based? Who will join/support us? Most importantly, where do we begin??

Who Will We Be?
One of the first things we needed to do was to come up with an identity, and a name for the club. Definitely a fun aspect of the planning process, I got the ball rolling and started out with the Renegades- but when Simon sent back the actual definition of the word it was clear that it wasn’t suitable. This then started a flurry of Google searches and messages, some hilarious, some clever, some just plain odd… The Bushrangers? Bandits? Titans? Raiders? Pain Train??? After a huge number of suggestions, finally, it clicked. The Pirates! Once we put it out there, it made sense. The nautical theme ties in perfectly with the area as Alkimos is named after a Greek shipwreck, found just off the coast. It also carries with it such a large genre and so many puns, and we can now proudly say we put the Arrgh back into Larrgh-crosse!

Where will the Pirates be based?
Alkimos is a brand new area, about 40 minutes north of Perth City. There are many developers setting up suburbs and so in that regard there is lots of support as having sporting clubs in new estates is a great selling point. We had got wind of a large sporting complex being created up this way, which would have been ideal, however the site for this has not even been selected and is still years away. So we decided to go for a cruise and check out a couple of potential parks- Heath Oval in the Amberton Estate and Leatherback Park in Alkimos Beach Estate. Simon packed a cut lunch and a water bottle and we went for a drive.

Leatherback Oval was a small oval with more immediate plans for facilities and lights, however we didn’t really feel that our club would fit at this site once we were established. Heath Oval however has one large oval, with another one in the works as the suburbs expand. It was perfect. We will be sharing with the Alkimos Tigers JRLC and Eglinton Junior Cricket Club, and have our sights set on future lighting and facilities as our clubs expand and the estate’s development progress. We have found Amberton to be a very supportive community so far, and we are excited about future plans here!

What are we about?
I think the identity of our club is very important, and one we will continuously work on and evolve over time. We have created a club to further lacrosse in WA, to have fun, get out and have a run, and encourage everyone to have a go. Our focus is not on winning flags yet but developing a quality program to bring to schools and the community, and finding ways to connect them back to the club. Our juniors are our future, it is so important that we support and encourage them however possible, fostering a great club culture and developing positive team dynamics cause that’s what will bring the premiership flags.

Who will join our crew? Who will Support this venture?
The evening after our outing to find our home we decided to create an Alkimos Pirates Lacrosse Club page on Facebook. The intention was to find a few people that might get behind this concept with us and #growthegame. We found we not only had overwhelming support on Facebook, but also had enough crew to create a committee and a start up division 3 men’s team to play in the 2018 season. We have players joining us from other teams, as well as new members already wanting to try out this sport for the first time. So now our focus will be on a junior’s and women’s team, and making sure we slowly but surely build up this club.

In terms of support from the local and lacrosse community- it has been amazing. We have received contributions and support from-
Mayor Tracey RobertsCity of Wanneroo
Sport and Recreation, WA
Stockland Amberton
Phoenix Lacrosse Club – Financial support
Bayswater Lacrosse Club – Financial Support
Wanneroo Joondalup Lacrosse Club – Financial Support
Kuljak Lacrosse Club – Financial Support, History of lacrosse books
Wembley Lacrosse Club– Donated 50 new lacrosse sticks
Wanneroo Joondalup Modcrosse Club – Donated 30 pre-loved lacrosse sticks
Lacrosse WA – Donated pre-loved goals
East Fremantle Lacrosse Club – Donated pre-loved Goals
Simon Fleet and Joel Fleet – Business Sponsorship Roof Carpentry Business
Darran Booth – Bridgestone Select Butler
David Jobson – The Tank Studio has provided amazing quality of work with our logo design, and is currently working on our website.
Lauren Movick – Our Marketing guru has provided us with great advice on marketing and social media.
Ian Toy – Providing club governance and documentation support.
Julie Simpson – With help with the production of our promo shirts.

Needless to say APLC has fantastic support. Many individuals and lacrosse families from WA and beyond have also donated personal gear and funds to get us off the ground. We appreciate all these contributions and we promise to put them all to good use in growing our amazing sport.

#auslax #itsapiratelife