CAP’NS LOG 01 June 2018

CAP’NS LOG 01 June 2018
Alkimos Pirates 2 Bayswater Lacrosse Club 6

With the Pirates holding a record of 3-2 and sitting firmly in the middle of the ladder, the land lubbers from Bayswater took the opportunity to see if the men from Alkimos had been eating their carrots whilst at sea, and were capable of battle in the dark…… luckily for the Pirates, they decided to turn the lights on for the showcase match of the round on Friday night, our first voyage into enemy territory.
The first quarter was a tight tussle as expected, with the experienced attack line from Bayswater applying pressure from the outset. Hamish McKay played the role of Rear Admiral perfectly, constantly organising the Pirates defense whilst keeping his man under constant attack with a flurry of checks. Long poles Mal KingLuke Raward, Brandon Field and Peter Brewer continue to build into a very strong defensive group, making life easy for Capn Mark Griffiths in goals. An Iain Buchan assist to Simon Danby late in the quarter saw the teams tied at the first break 1-1.
The second and third terms seemed like a constant battle of transition lacrosse, much like cannon blows from opposing ships. The Pirates attack line was finding it difficult to penetrate a tough Bayswater defense, with their rebounding style testing the Alkimos midfielders endurance and defense to the limit. Joel Fleet, Kieron Harvey, Steven Ballarine, Wiremu Hiku, David Crane and Liam Holmes did an immense job getting back in defense and limiting the fast break opportunities.
In what some may say was a turning point of the match, Alkimos were left one Pirate down when Iain Buchan was taken down by friendly fire. He now goes down in APLC folklore as the first Pirate requiring an Ambulance to get home after a game. His efforts in attack were sorely missed in the second half, and he is fully deserving of a couple of rums at the next home game.
Bayswater were able to hold a couple of goal lead heading into the last quarter, and did their best to control possession and starve Alkimos of attacking opportunities. Andrew “The Flying Dutchman” Hooijer, in his second game back to lacrosse after many years away from the sport, seemed to have found his mojo with a strong sweeping dodge from the right side through most of Baysie’s defense, ending with a cannonball not seen by the goalie to register the Pirates second goal. Unfortunately, Bayswaters experience and weight of possession saw them take the win, 6 to 2.
The Pirates have now played their first full round of games in the LWA Division 3 competition and find themselves with a record of 3-3. The teams record, the number of players, the effort and determination, and, above all else, the enjoyment of its members, is far beyond any expectations the APLC founders had heading into the season. We can’t wait to have another crack at all of the teams in Round 2.
Thanks to Bayswater for hosting our first official match away from home base, and for putting it under lights no less! Once again, we thank your club so much for the support and generosity you have shown the APLC in our first year, and can only hope to repay it in some small way in the future. Despite the opening comments in this report, we are truly allies rather than enemies!
Best Players
Luke “Ray” Raward
Hamish McKay
Mal King
Joel Fleet

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